Go to https://cloud-hosted.uk:2083/ and login using the correct details. 

Setting to Optimise Website

Once logged in, scroll down to the Software section and go into 'Optimize Website' option. 

Select 'Compress All Content' then press 'update settings'. 

Go back to the home screen by selecting the 9 tile symbol below the CPanel button on the top left.

Imunify 360 Setup

Scroll down to the Security section and go into the 'Imunify360' option. 

For each of the tabs of 'Files', 'History' and 'Ignore List' - Ensure all three say 'No Results Found' like shown below. If not blank, investigate the files in question. 

On the last tab 'Proactive Defense' Ensure the 'Kill Mode' option is selected like shown below. 

Select the Cog/Settings at the top right of the screen.

Ensure the options selected are: 

Default action on detect - Cleanup, quarantine as a fallback. 

Enable Blamer (needs to be ticked as shown below)

Then select 'Save Changes'